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So can we talk about the absolutely stunning duplicity going on here?

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ok, why the fuck is the graph upside down. that is incredibly misleading

Because its from the Florida Department of Justice, and they have a mandate here.

for those who have trouble inverting it in their head, ftfy:


this is some of the most blatant twisting of info i have ever seen holy shit




these stills of joffrey look like someone just said something really offensive






Anonymous said:
Okay, so my mother was orphaned in the Korean War and eventually adopted by some German-Americans in Wisconsin. I was raised thinking of myself as largely Asian (my father is white), but I speak very little Korean and have had bad experiences trying to reach out to Korean communities. I can't really find any outreach programs or communities for people in my situation--if there are any. Suggestions?



I am kind of in your situation as well - I spoke very very little Korean growing up even though my mother spoke it every other day. The best I can say is reach out to the Korean churches as they’re typically fairly friendly and the younger people that go will have an easier time understanding you. You may also be able to find someone at those churches who volunteers korean lessons. I’m not a church-goer myself as I’m not a christian so I wouldn’t be comfortable there, so I am just focusing on teaching myself Korean and making more of an effort to learn about my culture through my mother.


Never underestimate the BBC Sherlock Fandom’s complete lack of taste or respect for those who’ve lost family and friends and want any news at all about their loved ones. More than 150 Chinese nationals missing and it’s ‘deliciously mind boggling’ for you assholes? LET’S TURN THIS INTO A GAME, HA HA, SO FUN! THIS ISN’T HEARTLESS, TACKY, OR IN BAD FORM AT ALL.

American Military-Base Prostitution




Yet another article on Korean prostitution near American army bases.

" Some women used prostitution as a means to escape poverty, especially during the Korean War. Korean women were offered money by the government to serve the U.S. military. What these women did not know, however, was that they would never see a majority of their earnings. Women and their families were led to believe that prostitution was acceptable because it would increase a girls’ social status and worth through her economic contribution to the family. However, as Katharine Moon, the author of Sex Among Allies, points out, foreign governments thrived on the misconception that prostitution could increase socioeconomic status. In reality, military-base prostitution did little more than rip young girls away from their homes and throw them into a tumultuous and degrading lifestyle. Moon states that "war, with its accompanying poverty, social and political chaos, separation of families, and millions of young orphans and widows, ‘mass-produced’ prostitutes, creating a large supply of girls and women without homes and livelihoods." Women and girls were lured, by their governments, into prostitution with the promise of a well-paid government job.  Only upon their subsequent enslavement did these women learn that they were to be military prostitutes. "

" For example, the Korean government stated that military comfort girls (prostitutes) should be able to serve 29 officers per day if the comfort girl is working at her maximum level. The government even dictated that intercourse should not exceed thirty minutes, otherwise, the prostitute may not be able to serve as many men, and thus be unable to make enough daily profit for the government."

" In the 1950’s, since the beginning of the Korean War, sex tourism has flourished in Asian countries. This is largely due to the huge influence of the American military presence in eastern nations. Korea viewed the U.S. troops as an opportunity for economic gain, despite the fact that this gain would come at the expense of Korean women. Almost as quickly as the American troops arrived in Korea there were road signs decorating the highways giving directions to American towns or camptowns, which are also known as Rest & Recreation sites. These R & R facilities were adjoined to major military camps in South Korea and were said to cater to the lifestyle and consumer needs of the soldiers. What those "consumer needs" translate into are the supposedly inherent and biological sexual needs of men. 

What is even more astounding is the fact that these camptowns were established and condoned by both the Korean and American government regimes. ”

There are more abt American military prostitution in Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines as well, and although I disagree with the author about her accessment of gisaengs in the 10th century, I still think this is a worthy read.

This is a legitimate point and a totally valid issue that exists and needs to be stopped.  However, lets remember, US military presence in South is protecting the Nation from the two terrifying dictatorships to the North and West.  I wish this offered a solution other than “abandon to the 4th greatest economy and one of the most functional democracies in East Asia  

Way to completely derail the convo. This was basically about the history of American army bases and their atrocities.

You are basically saying “yes shit exists but oh well”. Unfollow us.

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